The part of my life. No not that. the part of me that is petty remorseless and cruel. It used to be so easy to be that person.

I saw paper that was like our tables and I only could cry.

Are you ready to let go?

I used to think so.

Yes, it did creep me out that I was his Iphone desktop photo
You think everything is perfect. This goal in your mind, everything fine after that. But the groping and the kissing, and you need it and you’re making money and the night mares go away and then and then the headaches and there will never be enough dope never ever enough dope to forget what you need to forget or remember what you need to remember.
You must be tired.

It was hell tapering off it. Shivering in the night. Too much pain after too much pain.

Are you angry?


Are you angry?


i think Everyone is disappointed in me. Everyone thought I had a brighter future than this

I”m clean now, we got clean around the same time. Bought the suboxone off the street. Somehow it made more sense that way

Are you on it now?

No, that’s bullshit, just one pill for another

I had a problem with oxy contin, but I’m clean now

It’s very popular

And it wasn’t that nod out kind of shit it was let’s take this and then work fourteen hours. I wanted the whole world to be perfect